Kailua Labs powers search on learnprompting.org

March 3, 2023
Created with Midjourney (the prompt we used is at the bottom)

If you're looking for a way to become more effective with large language models, look no further than learnprompting.org! It's a free and comprehensive resource for anyone who wants to get the best out of models like ChatGPT.

Prompting: Crafting rules and directives to help AIs achieve certain results.

You'll learn prompting techniques that get the AI to:

  • Draft effective communications from emails to articles.
  • Take on different chat personas.
  • Query a knowledge base.
  • Reason and take action in the real world.
  • Generate reliable outputs.

To make this valuable resource even more accessible, we're pleased to announce that Kailua Labs now provides all search capabilities on learnprompting.org.

Our multimodal content-understanding engine lets you search the site using natural language queries so that you can explore whatever comes to mind. Use the search box or the keyboard shortcut (cmd+k on Mac, ctrl+k on Windows) to find the information you need to take your language model skills to the next level.

We're thrilled to add learnprompting.org to our expanding list of customers who want to provide next-generation search experiences to their users.

If you're interested in what our platform can do, check out our demos:

Curious about what else we can do? Get in touch, and let's share ideas.

Oh, and here's the prompt we used to create our feature image:

a happy human and a friendly robot having a conversation, they're sitting in a fancy lounge, floor to ceiling windows, the human is holding some paper teaching the robot something, warm lighting, detailed, concept design aesthetic, 4k, --v 4 --ar 16:9
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