Next-gen search made simple

At Kailua Labs, we're developing the world's first low-code platform to build Multisearch apps. We empower developers with search that works on anything, whether it's text, images, video, audio, or other data. And to build apps that allow their users to search using natural language or any combination of data like an image along with text.

Our mission is to make content in every application accessible the way people already think and talk about it. The future of search is launching soon.

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Meet our team

  • Pablo N. Mendes

    Pablo N. Mendes

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Ex-Apple, Lattice, IBM, Y! | PhD

  • Joachim Daiber

    Joachim Daiber


    Ex-Apple, Lattice | PhD

  • Lance Hasson

    Lance Hasson


    Ex-Apple | CS @ Georgia Tech

  • Faizaan Merchant

    Faizaan Merchant

    Software Engineer

    Data Science @ UC Berkeley

  • George Gkotsis

    George Gkotsis

    Applied Scientist

    10+ years of R&D | PhD

  • Cuong Hoang

    Cuong Hoang

    Applied Scientist

    Ex-Amazon, Agolo | PhD

  • David Chandler

    David Chandler

    Software Engineer

    Ex-Google, YouTube Search

  • Daniel Azoulai

    Daniel Azoulai

    Business Development

    Ex-FB, Uber, Msft | Wharton MBA

  • Chris Tam

    Chris Tam

    Software Engineer

    Ex-Google | CS @ Georgia Tech

  • David Parks

    David Parks

    Product Engineer

    CS @ Loyola Marymount U.

  • Jacques Bernier

    Jacques Bernier

    Software Engineer

    ex-Twitch & Pandora

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