How Google I/O 2023 demonstrates the impact AI is going to have on your company

May 12, 2023

Google I/O 2023 can be summed up in three words: AI, AI, and AI.

Over a two-hour presentation, Google showed how it's integrating AI across its products including:

  • Docs: Generate text and have AI answer questions about content.
  • Gmail: Compose and respond to emails using prompts.
  • Slides: Create illustrations with natural language descriptions.
  • Photos: Manipulate subjects and backgrounds with ease.
  • Code explanation and generation.

Google also had a segment focused on its main search business.

AI is now front and center for Google Search
Rather than going the chat route, Google has created the Search Generative Experience (SGE). It's still an experimental feature, but when enabled, users can search based on what they want to accomplish rather than a bunch of keywords.

Here's an example. The user doesn't just want a bike, but a "good bike for a 5 mile commute with hills":

Google's SGE returns an AI Snapshot, a results page that includes:

  • A generative summary of things to consider.
  • The top website sources.
  • A list of bikes to view.

It also allows you to ask a follow-up question, such as "What type of bike is best for uphill" that will take your previous search into account rather than treat it as something new.

Searching the way you think and speak
Google's new vision is to let people search based on what they want to know or do. In the past, we had to run multiple searches for different aspects of what we wanted, then combine the information in our minds.

That’s going away.

Google's new AI model understands multiple media types and makes connections between text, images, videos, and more. This gives the user what they want with a single search:

How people search on Google today will be how they expect to search your business tomorrow
For over two decades, Google has influenced how people find things online. And what they showed at I/O is the new way people will search.

Companies need to adapt their search experiences to this new expectation. Users will start searching by occasions (“valentine’s day treats”), events (“gift for someone who just got a basketball scholarship”), and themes (“entertainment companies which filed lawsuits for copyright infringements”).

Google is bringing these capabilities to public search. At Kailua Labs, we’re doing the same for on-site search.

We’ve built a turnkey search platform that understands media of all types and lets your users search your site using natural language. Here’s our system working on stock images:

Try it out for yourself (search using natural descriptions!).

We handle everything from initial data ingestion all the way to serving search results. And we’re rolling out this technology to e-commerce stores, media sites, and information portals. Check out our customer success stories.

Want a fast, reliable way to add next-generation search to your business? Let’s chat.

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